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American Sign Language

The art explain the ASL sign depicted.

ASL Sea Horse
ASL Parachute
ASL Sea Turtle


Parachute & Cactus

Sea Turtle

ASL Car/Cactus
ASL Butrerflies

Car(CL) & Cactus


Deaf Cafe

Deaf Cafe

Me Signing, “Deaf I”. 


I found new way of connecting with the people in the Deaf Community and through America Sign Language. I regained a means of expressing myself. Now I am able to integrate into daily life my experience living in the Deaf and the Hearing worlds.

Enjoy ASL

Enjoy ASL

ASL has helped me find the way to embracing my identity as a Deaf person.


Things are seen differently by the Hearing and the Deaf.

ASL Flamingo

The ocean of Deaf and Hearing

I was born hearing and became Deaf in adulthood. Because of this I’m aware of two worlds and cultures that exist simultaneously.  This ocean is a visual reimagining of Deafness, which is something that can not be seen.

The Ocean of Deaf and Hearing

Primary Color Animals

The colors used in these painting are meaningful in Deaf Culture. In each painting, there is a hidden message in the background.

ASL Bull
ASL Giraffe
ASL Horse


Deaf Awareness


Learn American Sign Language


Deaf Can Do Anything

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