Salvador Sanchez is an artist and graphic designer. He creates artwork about his unique experience as a person who was born hearing, became hard of hearing in early childhood, and was suddenly deafened in early adulthood. His sudden deafness resulted in isolation, depression, anxiety, chronic fear, and the inability to communicate the way he once did with others. Thankfully, Sal has developed adaptive coping skills to combat his anxiety. He was able to do that through a combination of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapy, speech therapy, and by attending sign language classes at a local Deaf school. There, he was able to form a new connection with others in the deaf community and begin to develop his identity as a Deaf man. Now Sal is able to integrate his experience living in the Deaf and hearing world into his daily life. In his artwork, he explores his journey and the many complicated emotions that came with sudden hearing loss, the support he found from others, the intrinsic isolation that comes with being Deaf in a hearing world, and the dichotomy of living with his previous and current identities.

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